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My journey is nonlinear.

traveler. digital content creator. podcaster. activist. entrepreneur.


During her summers in between her college undergraduate years, Jessica Nguyen first became involved with the spirit of activism through co-founding The RLP Insider, a business-sponsored community newsletter with a reader base of 1400 constituents, in spring of 2013. Her objective was to encourage more locals to vote, preferably in favor of the proposed beautification project that would benefit minorities and minority-owned businesses. Construction of the town’s first light project went into effect a year after her article exposing the community's budget was published.

Since then, she became more interested in the use of technology and digital media as means to empower minorities.

Though many know Jessica as the founder and host of Project Voice, if you ask her, she'd identify herself first and foremost as a lifelong digital content creator who works with all mediums and marginalized communities. Jessica Nguyen also currently works as a freelance podcaster and co-hosts April Ladies Talk, a series of in-depth conversations on Asian pop culture, trending issues, and other topics that are interesting and relevant to April Magazine’s community.


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