#jessrealtalks is a Facebook Live viog self-therapy series of Jessica Nguyen's no-filter thoughts on personal growth and random sh**. Her videos do not have a regular schedule and are updated sporadically, matching the natural rhythm of her sporadic urges to ramble about life. Her intended audience are women of color, social justice activists, and digital storytellers.


While attending Smith College, a women’s college with a student population well-renowned for its history of involvements in social justice and activism, Jessica wanted to give more back to the communities that she had been a part of, so as a result, decided to shift her focus to Asian American feminism during her first few postgraduate years.

In November 2017, she became the founder and host of Project Voicea Podcast series dedicated to increasing visibility on issues that womxn and non-binary folx of the Asian diaspora face as a community through dialogues of social justice and identity politics. For the past two years, Jessica has received acknowledgements for her work, including being featured on Project Yellow DressAsians Doing EverythingAAMUniteSix ThingsThe Tao of Self-Confidence with Sheena Yap Chanand Smith College Alumnae Spotlight. She has been invited as a spring speaker at Northwestern University and Smith College. Jessica Nguyen has been has been featured under Mochi Mag's New Generation of 25 Game-Changers under 25 on its 10th anniversary issue. Click here to read her latest interview.

PODCAST consulting

Though many know Jessica as the founder and host of Project Voice, if you ask her, she'd identify herself first and foremost as a lifelong digital content creator who works with all mediums and marginalized communities. Jessica Nguyen also currently works as a freelance podcaster and co-hosts April Ladies Talk, a series of in-depth conversations on Asian pop culture, trending issues, and other topics that are interesting and relevant to April Magazine’s community. She’s also worked as a podcasting consultant for Aurabear and Wildbrand, both startups she’s worked under as a GenM digital marketing apprentice.


During her spare time (if she has any nowadays), Jessica spends it freelancing under Fiverr as a website designer and social media manager and consultant. She’s been racking up experience in the digital marketing world through online courses and apprenticeships on GenM, a platform for users to chat and connect with a mentor from hundreds of diverse, hand-picked businesses ready to offer hands-on work experience through remote apprenticeships. As a traveler, she’s worked remotely as an podcast consultant, editor, copywriter, and content creator for global startups: Aurabear (Helsinski, Finland) and Wildbrand (Perth, Australia).

pro-bono VIDEo editing

Jessica Nguyen is currently seeking to collaborate with women of color creators and entrepreneurs who she's met and befriended during her travels, helping to share their stories and experiences within and outside the U.S. Her most recent video collaborations have been with We Ceremony, a Boston-based visual platform aimed at amplifying the voices and stories of women and color, and Shacarol Sims, a YouTuber friend based in Korea.